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Pete, please backup your opinions so we can discuss ....

Pete Courcy

I love how much fallacy is actually contained in this rubbish.

But it all falls apart with "We tried it and it failed".

"Pre-New Deal America

At the turn of the 20th century, business could do what it wanted-- and it did. The result was robber barons, monopolistic gouging, management thugs attacking union organizers, filth in our food, a punishing business cycle, slavery and racial oppression, starvation among the elderly, gunboat diplomacy in support of business interests."

1. Business could not "do what it wanted" - competition is (and always has been) the great limiter. The only way in which this statement is true, is that business wanted to use government to limit competition. The progressive movement had big businessmen for founders.

2. There was no "monopolistic gouging". When someone writes this, they give away their absolute ignorance of fact. The truth is that during this period real prices were falling.

3. The history is more on the side of union organizers attacking and besieging businesses.

4. "Filth in our food". This too shows an intentional misunderstanding of history and economics. The Pure Food and Drug Act was not passed over the objections of the major meat packers, but at their insistence. It was an anti-competitive measure that did not make food any safer.

5. The punishing business cycle is caused by artificial credit creation, and this process has been increased since the creation of the Federal Reserve.

6. Starvation for the eldery: did not happen. Lying never strengthens an argument.

7. Slavery was a government-supported institution.

8. Racial oppression was a keystone of the progressives. It was the driving force behind the first minimum wage law.

9. Gunboat diplomacy in support of business interests. Again this shows a complete misunderstanding of libertarian ideas. This was at the time a progressive idea. Gunboat diplomacy is not laissez-faire in any way.

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